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Serina Cooper

"StuckForStaff has helped me so much, I no longer have to call lots of agencies to let them know my free dates, I simply update my availability on here! It has made my life so much simpler..thank you!""

Sarah Thompson

"StuckForStaff is part of my daily routine - it keeps me up to date with exactly what is going on in the industry"

Steve Nightingale

"EXCELLENT SERVICE ....Thank you!"

Anji Bramley

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Mike Taylor

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Rhiannon Yapp

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Sam Shelley

"Really good! Created loads of opportunities for me."

Sophie Roberts

"Really useful to have all agencies on StuckForStaff.com It has saved a lot of time"

Clare Tucker

"I simply love this site!"

Ebony Rose


Marylou Snell

"Really worthwhile. Excellent to have all the agencies details.!!"

Linsey Mitchinson

"I love the agency directory..I did not realize there were so many, I have already applied to 10 new agencies"

Scott Wilson

"I want to say a big thank you! So far I have 2 jobs this week and an interview with Mash in London, and that is all thanks to StuckForStaff."

Adam Russell

"The website is excellent for getting work in Ireland where I am based a lot of the year!"

Sarah-Jane McClure

"Very successful, already booked in work with a few of the agencies, great service!"

Justine Berry

"So simple and easy to use - I don't know how I coped without it!"

Ross King

"StuckForStaff.com is really good I look forward to working with new agencies."

Liam Dixon

"Thank you for fixing me up with all that work, I am currently working on organic farms in Canada. If it wasnt for you guys I wouldnt be here. I will definitely log back in when I get back to the UK. Thanks again,"

Adam Esam

" I used StuckForStaff intending to get work in the future weeks. However, I did not expect to receive work after 10 mins. A great and successful site."

Sophie Jones

"Awesome! Already booked on some work - thanks! I'd recommend SFS to everyone. Well organised and really nice people."

Mitchell Day   

"GREAT!! Very organised and professional. Brilliant way of introducing myself to the Promo companies"

Diana Garinch

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Rebecca Connes

"VERY Helpful. Great site. I shall tell all my friends."

George H J

"So helpful , Really looking forward to starting work now - something I didn't think I'd say!"

Stephanie Archer

"Thanks for organising the Open Day for us, I thought it was a success. I wouldn't have been able to fit any more agencies in before catching my plane back. I was really pleased to meet agencies like Eye Candy, Taskforce and others. It was definitely worth it and I had a good time too!"

Angela Sorenson   

"Excellent way of letting a variety of agencies know about me!"

Greg Moore

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Catherine Mobley

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Andy Reay

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John Holloway

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Will Fleming


"We have been able to add a lot of quality to our books. StuckForStaff.com is a perfect opportunity to welcome in the new and touch base with the existing."

Greg, Mash Marketing

"We were struggling to find actors to dress up in costume for a road show event running over the summer. We placed an advert with StuckForStaff detailing the dates and locations we had work available. The response was excellent and we filled all the vacant dates within 24 hours. In total we received over 60 email responses. Thanks"

Tim, Headcount

"I felt I must write to express my thanks to StuckForStaffs Job Advert Management system, I was finding difficulty staffing an Ambre Solaire Campaign around the UK. The criteria was high, and I was very impressed with the calibre of personnel who contacted me,     hence we had a very successful campaign. Thank you once again, I highly recommend your services."

Stevie Walters, Models Plus London Ltd

"I can say that it is a fast, efficient and effective way of recruiting staff and have had great success and will use again in the future if we ever get 'stuck for staff' again."

Jo Mussett, The BLUE WATER Agency Ltd

"Stuck for Staff is an excellent facility and the tender service has opened up a wider range of promotional opportunities for us. We have been successful in winning various tenders around the UK and this has had a very positive impact on our business and promotional staff. SFS has been instrumental in the growth and success of our business and any feedback I have offered to them has always been gratefully received and acted upon. Thank you!"

Charlotte, Engaging Faces

" We have found some excellent staff ."

Richard Dutton, The Circle Agency

"StuckForStaff.com is excellent. Going forward, we see involvement with StuckForStaff.com as part of our plans."

David Louis, The Blue Water Agency

"Amazed at the results!!"

Louise China, Beauty Consultants Bureau

"We were struggling to fill gaps the day before a very big job for us as a company, in fact the largest job we had ever done. The response we got from the StuckForStaff  Job Alert was phenomenal, what a fantastic service. Needless to say there were no gaps on the day.       What a life saver!"

Lucy Smith, AB1 Promotions

"Excellent, 99% of staff from stuckForStaff.com were of a high calibre. I was very impressed at good they were."

Samantha Bradley, Mitchell Stephenson

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Paul Goodhead, Instore Field Marketing

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Lynette Rees, Impetus

"Strut is a very selective agency with a strict selection criteria and we managed to recruit 70 new members for our promotions team. We were very impressed with this."

Paul Marshall, Strut Promotions

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Becky Armitage, MBA

"The calibre of staff  is of an extremely high nature, and in terms of new personnal recruited it is a great success. Headcount Worldwide Field Marketing Ltd would recommend StuckForStaff.com to both staff and promotional companies."

Angie O'Neill, Headcount Worldwide

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Leanne Nutter, Blackjack Promotions

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Fiona Sowell, T-A-G Promotional Staff

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Emma Burden, Momentum

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Colette, Kommando

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Sandi Golding, The Network

"We achieved our objectives and recruited some great people."

Amanda Poxton, Gekko Partners

"Good quality staff drawn from a wide area."

Howard Burgess, Additions UK

"The SFS team produce a valuable experience for agencies and staff alike."

Chris Dawson, The Field


"Stuck forStaff Tender service was exactly what I was looking for. I needed to find staff for a national roadshow with a very short lead time. Within hours I had secured the personnel needed for my activity."

Katie Bull, IncrediBullIdeas.com

"StuckForStaff are fantastic & helped me source a new staffing agency for a major campaign with tight deadlines. The calibre of staff were outstanding & the campaign really good...a fast and efficient service with great results."

Gail Scotland, Manchester Airport  

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Heath Thomas, B4U Business Media

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Samantha Sandbrook, Events & Promotions Executive Betterware UK Ltd

"Simple and effective service"

Peter Carter, Camcoat Motor Sport Coatings

"StuckForStaff were great. When I called I received excellent customer service and I receievd 4 quotes within an hour. I had staff booked to do the work I required within a day, even though I wanted them on a Sunday, which was brilliant and left me to enjoy my weekend!"

Tessa Henwood, Sheffield City Council

"I found the service very speedy in terms of response and provided me with an excellent array of options to choose from."

David Davies, Davies Milne   

"Very good. Easy to use, approachable, clear website and great results."

Joanna Keith-Lucas, Pedini

"I got a lot of interest from you tender match service, All of the companies in touch were all very professional. I decided to go with N2O promotions, although not the cheapest they had the best hostesses for our image. I felt their website, their portfolio examples and the staff I spoke to from there showed a more experience and professionalism. I have confirmed booking with them now and just waiting to know availability of our chosen hostesses."

Amy Ward, DASTV

"StuckForStaff was very helpful in that I was able to hear back from several companies and could choose the best deal and most appropriate firm for the client."

Laura Hirsch, Mainstream Financial Media & PR

"I was delighted with your service and it got me out of a potentially sticky spot!"

Deborah Wylde (Rodwell), Pergola