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Experience Summary

I have worked in the promotional industry in England both full- and part-time for three years. I have worked on brands such as Cadbury, Garnier, PS3, HP, Activision and L'Oreal, on deomnstrations, sampling, data capture, and merchandising campaigns. I have worked as brand ambassador, tema leader, and as a shots girl. I am moving to NZ for a few months to save some moeny so I can travel, and as I have worked in promotions before I felt this would be the best option for me. I am hoping to settle down for a few months in Queesntown, as my boyfriend is an avid snowboarder, and I too enjoy the sport. I am adventurous and love traveling and finding out about new cultures, which is why a job which involves taling to many different sorts of people suites me. I have studied a law degree and management masters at university, but during this time also ran the art society, through which i was able to channel mu creative side. The committee won an award for the most innovative creative society in the University while I was acting as Trasurer and Co-Chair. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

Worked organising and promoting my own alternative gig/club night



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Flyer Distribution

    Flyered for nightclubs in Sheffield, England. Also flyered on roller skates for the local roller disco.

  • Data Capture

    Captured data and information about consumers during a clubnight experiential marketing campaign run by Southern Comfort, working as a brand ambassador (BA) Also worked as a team leader in a data capture campaign for Unite student accomodation. Required capturing data on a PDA.

  • Demonstration

    Mostly demonstrated cosmetics and games consoles. Demonstrated facial moisturisers for L'Oreal and Garnier, powder foundation for L'Oreal and Maybelline. Enjoyed mostly demonstrating the PS3, and also Activision games in a shopping mall. Have also demonstrated gaming PCs for Packard Bell and laptops for HP in electronics stores. Worked as a BA as part of a team, or on my own.

  • In store

    Demonstrated many products in-store, such as HP, L'Oreal, Garnier, PackardBell. All of these brands I worked as a BA on my own in store.

  • Leafleting

    Leafleting expereince is mostly in town centres for local roller skating rink and night clubs. Also leafleted as part of sampling and demonstration campaigns.

  • Mall Events

    Worked on big campaigns in shopping mall, such as the Garnier road show, where I acted as a brand ambassador during both the Sheffield and Manchester dates.

  • Merchandising

    Merchandised in a PC World computer store to ensure a brand of computer software had the correct number of facings. Was to be done to a plan-o-gram.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    Merchandised in a PC World computer store to ensure a brand of computer software had the correct number of facings. Was to be done to a plan-o-gram.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Acted as mystery shopper in game stores to see if they were stocking the correct number of Activision game sand had the correct number of facings on show.

  • Road shows

    Worked as a BA as part of the PS3 demonstrating roadshow of shopping malls.

  • Sampling

    Most recently worked as a brand ambassador for Ambrosia and sampled Jelly and Cutards desserts aimed at young children's lunch boxes.

  • Technology

    Demonstrated many technological brands such as HP laptops and Motorola bluetooth earpieces.