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Experience Summary

I have worked in the Events and promotional sector for 10 yrs. I have worked in Europe, Uk, Australia and now NZ. I drive, hold a general managers certificate for the sale of liquor. I started promo when I was in Uni and in the UK mainly Events Manage but whilst travelling I have taken a varity of roles. Im easy going, good at sales and enjoy working with the public. I am a qualified hair dresser and have also have qualifications in Make up. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

I have done a varity of road show, I have worked face paining at festivals and the rugby Australia v Nz In melbourne. I have on and off worked doing promo for the past 10yrs. I have also worked office based staffing and dealling with events. I worked for 4 main companies in the UK and went back after 3 yrs for a holiday and was offered work. I can also do fire poi, roller skate and did some club dancing.



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Extra Information

  • Airport Marketing

    Gatwick airport for Mitsubishi

  • Assistant Event Manager

    O2 wirless festival, fill your boots wicks, tk maxx re launch, Argos cataloge re launch. Goodwood festival. kanye west secret location.

  • Auditing

    O2 phone company, red bull, tefal

  • Conferences / Tradeshows

    Festival of speed, Ideal home Exhibition, Boat show, Flower show.

  • Costume and Character

    Bella from beauty and the beast. Body Painted for window display, O2 Angel.

  • Flyer Distribution

    Credit card companies, food companies, v shots, fasta pasta, vodaphone, ribenna, nivea, coke etc

  • Credit Card Trained

    one card

  • Data Capture

    o2, vodaphone on i pad, wicks, mitsubishi, alpha remao,

  • Demonstration

    Hp, kodak, epson, sony ericson, i pad, mitsubishi, pot noddel, vista.

  • Event Management

    Argos, nivea, Kanya west, O2 Festival, Tkmax, boat show, smirnoff ice.

  • Exhibitions

    Ideal home, bridal exhibition.

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    Christmas period in house in Essex for Gucci.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    O2 Christmas party, clubs over Melbourne and Sydney through Kreate.

  • Hospitality

    Endless, silver service, hostess, bar, waiting staff.

  • In store

    Demonstrator, fake tans, nivea moisturizer, petit modelling debanahams

  • Leafleting

    10 yrs worth wouldnt know where to start

  • Mall Events

    Nivea, Vshots, Ribenna, coke, muller rice, veggie delights, fitness first, o2, vodafone ect

  • Market Research

    wicks, boat show, hp

  • Merchandising

    o2, tefal, hp

  • Modelling

    Ribenna light, catologe (promo use) instore

  • Mystery Shopping

    subway, bacardi, fitness first.

  • Presenting

    vodafone live in guildford

  • Road shows

    IOW festival, ballon festival, grid girls

  • Sales

    credit cards, gym memberships, car parts, telesales

  • Technology

    hp, epson, vista, kodak, tfal